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We Offer More Than Just Property

Times have changed. So has property investing.

We Do

Since three years ago, The Following are what we do and provide benefits to client.


Large – scale construction requir es collaboration across multiple disciplines. 

Real Estate

the profession of buying, selling, or renting land.

High / Low Rise Building

In luctus aliquam nibh a pretium. Morbi auctor a mauris ac accumsan.


Three star hotel with 30% open space area, with full facilities of four star hotel

Buyback Guarantee

Buyback schemes are similar to assured return offers


Buy land, build, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end

Exclusive Features

PT Mahkota Jiwani Sejahtera was established more than 3 years ago of property business in Indonesia. Over the decades, the Company has proven its dedication and participation in developing the best properties in the country. in accordance with the increasing green awareness and quality standards. Today, the Company’s core businesses are real estate development, resindential, high/low rise building, general contracting, and trading. 

Project Report Construction

To maintain consumer confidence in development, we attack project report construction every three months. This makes it easier and way we give comfort for client.

Constraints and all kind of activities that we will do after three months ago and three months to come. All in the report with a language that is easy to understood by all our clients.

Find Opportunity

Info Project

Facing The Challenges Reaching The Future

even though the economic conditions in 2016 are expected to continue throughout 2017, the Company remains optimistic that it will improve its operational and financial performance. the Company has analyzed its business prospects, and accordingly prepared a business development strategy that is focused on the Company’s various lines of business

Our Latest Projects

Residential, High/Low Rise Building & Real Estate

Gemajiwo Yogyakarta

Hotel & Apartement

Keraton Residence

Premium Real Estate

Fave Hotel


Let's Work Together!

No one ever said ‘safe as the stock market’. Residential property is a lower risk and less volatile investment, but still shows the highest reward of the major asset classes. Residential has shown no five-year period with negative total returns since records began in 1998


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Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta 55222